2022 Oral Histories

In 2022, U of U students partnered with the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum and the Citizen Sound Archive–a multilingual archive of activisms, songs of belonging, and migrations—to share stories of migrant justice, being, and thriving across borders.

Click on a route or point to listen to an oral history and/or read its transcript. Scroll down in the dialog box that appears.

Aegean / Greece Routes

Mediterranean Routes

Americas / Utah Routes

These oral histories were collected in 2022 by the following student participants:

  • Andrea Xiques
  • Jackson Merriam
  • Jason Anchondo
  • Kara Esplin
  • Kimberly Ponce Gonzalez
  • Madeleine Felix
  • Oakley Hill
  • Selena Pham
  • Susana Lemus
  • Talea Steele
  • Xochitl Juarez