2019 Oral Histories

In 2019, U of U students partnered with activist residents of the former City Plaza Hotel Squat in Athens, Greece, as well as other independent organizers. From April 2016 to July 2019, the Economic and Political Refugee Solidarity Initiative squatted the vacant City Plaza Hotel to, in their words, “create, on the one hand, a space of safety and dignity in which to house refugees in the centre of the city and, on the other, to create a centre of struggle against racism, borders, and social exclusion. For the freedom of movement and for the right to stay.”

Click on a route to listen to an oral history and/or read its transcript. Scroll down in the dialog box that appears.

Aegean / Greece Routes

Greece interviews conducted by Alborz Ghandehari (professor). U of U students listened to these stories, and shared with these individuals oral histories from their own families and communities, linked in the map below.

Americas / Utah Routes

These oral histories were collected in 2019 by the following student participants:

  • Cecilia Aramaza Allain
  • Alexandra Beringer
  • Isabella Falco
  • Giancarlo Gazani
  • Luz Clarita Hernandez Zamudio
  • Andia Irvin
  • Taylor McFarland
  • Lupita Medina Plancarte
  • Austin Morris
  • Joseph Moss
  • Marvin Ocean Saintelus
  • Brittney Ransom
  • Gabby Rosales
  • Selena Willians-Perez