Migration is Beautiful

Migrant Connections: Overview

Migrant Connections is an oral history project that connects immigrant and refugee communities in Greece and Utah, United States to share stories of resilience, joy, and struggle. Migrants in Greece share stories of daily life and activism with students in the “Borders and Migration” course at the University of Utah. In turn, these students share with the Greece-based communities stories that they themselves gather from immigrants and refugees in their own families and communities in Utah. These stories are collected here in the form of oral histories, recorded interviews that share historical and ongoing experiences.

U of U students and Dr. Alborz Ghandehari in the project’s first year

The Syrian Greek Youth Forum at a protest in Athens

The Syrian Greek Youth Forum in the “We Take the Streets Festival” with Generation 2.0 RED

The City Plaza Hotel refugee squat in Athens

The Syrian Geek Youth Forum collaborates on a sustainable agriculture project