2020 Oral Histories

In 2020, U of U students partnered with the Syrian Greek Youth Forum, an international movement based in Athens, Greece. SGYF works to support community-building activities, provide pathways to employment, and to contribute and participate in research to find and implement sustainable solutions for an inclusive society.

Click on a route or point to listen to an oral history and/or read its transcript. Scroll down in the dialog box that appears.

Aegean / Greece Routes

Oral histories conducted by Syrian Greek Youth Forum.

University of Utah students thank their partners in Greece for sharing their stories.

Americas / Utah Routes

These oral histories were collected in 2020 by the following student participants:

  • Gregoria Alegria
  • Araceli Barragan-Rios
  • Danny Borba
  • Sandra Del Rio Madrigal
  • Rhenick Edwards
  • Elizabeth Estrada-Murillo
  • River Hale
  • Erin Hernandez
  • Anahi Lopez-De La Torre
  • Martina Martinez
  • Jaylynn Mink
  • Ammon Morgan
  • Matthew Perry
  • Emma Ross

Syrian Greek Youth Forum thanks Utah participants for sharing their stories